The Northern Territory Rogaining Association presents

Bush Rogaine at Adelaide River

The 'Adelaide River' Rogaine

6-hr Rogaine near
Adelaide River Township

Saturday 1 September 2001, 3:00pm - 9:00pm

List of Results

Visited Checkpoints
Course Setter
        Jon Potter
        Tony Galliford

What is Rogaining ?
Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross country navigation in which teams of two to five people visit as many checkpoints as they desire, travelling entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass, day and night. It is a team activity for all ages and levels of fitness, providing competitors with navigational challenges, a way of enjoying the outdoors and a sense of achievement. Rogaining was established in Australia in the 1970s. Come and share the adventure with us!
Where ?
The rogaine will start at 1500 on 1 September 2001, finishing 2100.
The Course:
The course, covering approximately 30 square kilometres, will be set in a mixture of hilly country and open black soil plains on both sides of the Adelaide River. There will be one crocodile-safe crossing point over the Adelaide River. The highest point is at 196 metres. The vegetation will be mostly burnt, but with some grassy overgrown watercourses. Overall the course will offer a mixture of easy and subtle navigation. According to the course setter (and we all know course setters tell the truth) there is a small gorge "so thick with butterflies that you have to part them with your hands!"
Colour, 1:25,000 with 10m contours and premarked controls.


Adelaide River Six Hour Rogaine

Saturday, September 1 2001, 3pm - 9pm

Team Team Members All MO MJ MV MS WO WV XO XV F Points Pen Final
( hh:mm:ss )
Paul Sharp, Verne Mitchell 1 1   1             1000      


Visited Checkpoints
Checkpoint Teams
30 11
41 5
42 8
45 11
50 18
51 8
52 4
53 12
54 12
57 10
60 6
61 6
64 14
70 9
71 6